Monday, May 09, 2011

It's between them and their own, personal Lord Baby Jesus . . .

This one's for you Merci Blah Blah
Dear Father God, what does the bible say about degenerate Housewife candy-porn?

And now...for Part II of my stream of consciousness.
(I couldn't fit anymore green arrows and captions without compromising the photo's integrity.)

I'm sorry in advance.
  1. Is anyone else surprised he allows her to have sugar?
  2. Why no faux-hawk today Jim?
  3. I've watched A LOT of Dr. 90210 and I'm pretty sure some of that fat in his second chin could be sucked out and injected into her face, or am I wrong? Two birds, one stone?
  4. Look at her lips.  Look at them.
  5. What's his thought-bubble? Aww yeah, who's ya' King now? Or maybe, Just...a little bit...almost there...not quite so much pucker Alexis...remember how I taught you...
  6. I wonder if his shirt is Alexis Couture: For Him.  It's shiny.
  7. Why are they in a candy store? Mingling with and fondling food products intended for human consumption? Someone call the Orange County Health Inspector, like yesterday.
  8. Is that the face she makes when he tries to go in the out-door, like the devil-sinner that he is?
  9. Is that the face he makes when he watches her get down on her hands and pray?
  10. Does he help her eat all her food? 
Still love me? 
I didn't think so.
But this might help bring you back around...


    1. shudder...creeper this season. can't. look. away.

    2. ARRRGGGHHHHHH!!! My eyes! My eyes!!! Pass the bleach for the lovvaGod, MY EYES!!!!!

      I totally scrolled down reading your text with a cringe on my face the whole time. I think I may have thrown up in my mouf a little.


    3. They look like they'd be at the AVN awards show. She's the new Tammy Faye. I bet she dumps Jim one day and hook her french tips into one of those gazillionaire jesus preachers. THAT would be Awesome~

    4. The new Tammy Faye. Brilliant. Jen, I like where your heads at. Let's get production rights for that--we'll be set for life.

      Shan, making your skin crawl was EXACTLY what I was going for. Yay me!

      Brianna, I don't quite understand why I "can't look away" either, but it's true.

    5. This just in...michaele salahi is now releasing a single. The musical horrors of the RHW franchise keep rolling on...

    6. I'm all over it Brianna, great minds think a like.

      Us, not the Housewives.

    7. What Merci said!! Acckkkk!!!!!


    Have at it darlings...