Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sweet mother of Gawd.

No, you're right. You know EXACTLY who that it is.

Michaele Salahi is joining the ranks of these auto tuned, air brushed, synthesized maestros.
Or savants, if you will.

Is now the appropriate time to point out that The Cuntess is keeping some pretty sweet company?
Will there ever be a wrong time?
Love it.

Michaele's song is called Bump It, because...
  “ I love dancing and bumping it on the dance floor! I got so caught up with the rhythm, that my music just feels like a magical prism...It’s an amazing dance song, and it highlights the party animal in everyone!”

Michaele Salahi everyone, let's give her a hand.
Golf claps are in order.

And the lyrics?
Like I’m so hot and like, you’re so not. The speakers on blast, let the techno rock. Everybody in the club make your way to the front, rhythm is the bass that will make the crowd jump.
Available on iTunes tomorrow. Time to get your download on.

If you feel the urge to sample Michaele's magical prism (GROSS!!), click HERE.

But whatever you do, don't confuse it with this piece of genius.
The Bump It informercial remix ladies and gentlemen.

And by the way, Simon Van Kempen will be debuting "I'm Real" on the next WWHL. 
Are you Real?

Also, some highly surprising news straight from Splitsville:
What's he looking at anyway?
If those lips can't make him get his K.I.S.S. on then there really was no hope.

Shana Hughes Lips McGeeTaylor Armstrong and Russell the Love Muscle of RHBH have announced their separation.
First Maria and Arnold, and now these two. Is no one safe from this super sadzies epidemic?
I wonder who'll get Snowball.


  1. I REALLY-REALLY dislike the Salahi's. Him in particular. He's like a pedophile. She's just clueless and desperate. But him....scheevey, greasy pig-man. Get a job!!! Didn't Snowball get the boot awhile ago?

  2. Saw Simon on WWHL last night. MORTIFIED~

  3. I haven't seen it yet!! Or the latest NY episode for that matter... How bad was it?? Did he wear those pants? I can't wait for the clips online. Happy days are here again. I bet RH will be good now that Jill's back in our hemisphere.

    And yes, I saw your other comment (that I guess was erased when blogspot went down), Snowball was kicked to the curb but I couldn't resist ending the post that way...afterall I'm pretty sure I care more for Snowball than The Love Muscle and Taylor combined.

  4. I turned off WWHL before Simon sang...we had been playing the drinking game and the word of the night "like" had not been said enough times for me to sit through his performance.


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