Monday, May 02, 2011

Rest in HELL bin Laden

I'd like to say that I heard the news from my New York Times email updates.

Or even from ma' homegurl Andrea Mitchell...

But that would be a lie.

You know how I heard?
This dude:

That's right. 
The RHOC rolled right into WWHL...
...Andy Cohen's googly mug popped up and filled me in.

Man oh man, did that one hurt.
It's a gnarly thing to get your news from good ol', 
whiskey swilling AC.
Talk about worlds colliding.

He looked pretty Ramotional, thank goodness Alexis Bellino was there to offer her bleached out, spray tanned, big titted, kind hearted, ditzy support. 
I suppose there's comfort to be found in there somewhere.
What a hard hitting news crew.
Lo-ward have mercy.

But fur'real kittens,
let's take a knee and give props:
A big thank you to EVERYONE
EVERYWHERE who keeps us safe...
 ...and happy...
 ...and clueless... we can do dumb junk like recap mindless Bravo drivel.

XO Amuurica 

(back to bidness: latest RHNY recap below)

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