Friday, April 29, 2011

HRH Brassy Sassalot, Duchess of Dinky Donk

Like a lot of you, I watched.

not ugly

Kate's dress was absolute perfection.
Loved the lace. Loved the tiara. Loved the train.
She's was going for Grace Kelly and she nailed it.
Loved it all.

Except for the eyeliner.
Too much. Too black. Too harsh.
I've never been a fan of this:

Word is she did her make-up herself. 

Royal Gold Stars must be awarded for grace and poise.
Those crazy kids pulled it off.
And they looked good doing it.

But if I'm being honest,
 what fascinated me most were these two.
GOOGLEY to the 100th POWER
When God himself has burdened you with a high physical googly-geegley-gawgley factor, don't add to it.

I get, and LUUURVE the British-hat-thing.
They work the hats and they own the hats.
I wouldn't mind more hat-age in the States, truth be told.

Fergie and Andrew's daughters.
The Queen's grand daughters.
And soon to be tied for first as the worst dressed of this whole royal hoo-haa thing-a-ma-jig.

Eugenie is on the left, her hat is fug...
as is her entire ensemble.
It looks like a sub-tropical, floral peacock had his way with her and didn't even bother to leave money on the dresser. Gross.

Beatrice is in the beige. She's the worse of the two.
That's not a hat--it's headgear. 
And not the dental kind, which is too bad because that would've looked better.
Did I miss something? Was she re-titled Duchess Antelope of  Whoville?
Is this the crown she must wear in order to retain her new title?
Or maybe her twice bankrupted  mom pimped her out to a new hat maker to make a quick buck (or pound?).

 Unless Princess Bea was ordered to wear that hat by royal decree there is just no excuse.

And they seem to like the raccoon eyeliner too, don't they? 
Who cares about that though...
...anything to distract me from the dumb-ass modern art installations they've got on their heads.

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  1. AnonymousMay 01, 2011

    I've got to believe that the scary stepsisters (B&E) must have dressed like that as a big F you to the rest of the royal family. Because there are pics of them looking like perfectly normal twenty something princesses attending the night before festivities at a party given by Uncle Charlie and Evil Step Auntie Camilla.

    And there are pics of them leaving the after party, in the wee hours of the morning, dressed perfectly normal. Except one has accidentally tucked the back of her dress into her underpanties. That I can forgive. Those hats & wedding outfits, never.

    Cheers, HRH L of P


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