Saturday, April 23, 2011

What did I just see?!!?


"Fuck Sammy the Bull, Fuck John Gotti, I'm comin' home and I'm gangsta."

I just turned on the TV and THAT'S the first thing I heard.

WHO talks like that?!?

These women:
That's who.

I popped on the tube while stuffing Easter baskets and WHAM!! VH1 socked me in the jaw with Mob Wives. After watching for 10 minutes I grabbed my lap top and ran scurry flurry right to you guys. What in the hell. Am I going to jail for this? Is the FBI listening? Seriously, this shit is danger.

These women live on Staten Island. The Jersey Shore kids WISH these women were their moms. Danielle Staub holds them in very  high esteem. They use phrases like "have a sit down", "wack", "whad'ah'ya'gonna'do" and of course "for'geda'boud'it"...and it all sounds strangely appropriate. Oh, and they put family in quotes.  Having a loved one in jail is not only okay, it's expected and celebrated. They make Kathleen Turner's gravel-voice sound like Glinda the Good Witch. Half the show is filmed surveillance-style: mili-second timers on black and white security cameras, telephoto lens freeze frames, red arrows point out persons of interest,  typewriter-type name tags to introduce new characters in still shots, so on and so forth. 

And that was in the 20 minutes I watched.

Will I watch again? I don't know. Should you see just a bit of it just once? Absolutely. Will a lot of people be closet-watchers? What do you think...

...Look at that! I  already mimicking their manner of speech!!

Amuurica, in case there was any doubt, Mob Wives is all the proof we need that we've officially screwed ourselves.

Good luck.


  1. Definitely takes the wives-type show to a whole new level. I'm hooked.

  2. I immediately taped it when I read this. Watching it I was disgusted, appalled, and completely drawn in with no escape. You HAVE to recap this show!!

  3. I hear you Pischina, but I don't think I can bring myself to glorify this business. There was a new episode on last night, that I caught the last 10 minutes chance I swear--btw 8 pm on a Sunday, what the eff?? Anymob, it was horrific--one of the wives was in a screaming match on the phone with her jailed husband and it was just too much. The way he spoke to her was the stuff of nightmares. I can't partake. Let alone bring attention to something so wrong...I mean, I quite RHNJ half way through last season because I refused to give Danielle Staub and her mob-groupie boyfriends an audience. Plus, I'm going to have my hands full with THREE Real Housewives shows to recap at one-- oy vey! xo to you all

  4. Ahh, now my respect and love for you has tripled. A recapper with standards! (but not TOO high!). I admit, I was honestly disgusted enough that I haven't managed to watch episode two yet, but I'm low enough to admit that I probably will.
    You spend quality time 'capping the housewives, and I'll keep soaking up every last word.

  5. The caveat of "not TOO high" is a crucial one :) As long as you guys are enjoying, I'll keep recapping. xo

    (And yes, I might see Mob Wives again too--out of the corner of my eye, if I stumble upon it, with the curtains closed, and only for 10 minutes, and my kids are far, far away.)


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