Friday, April 01, 2011

April Fooled me / Mother Nature is a saucy minx

Brassy backyard
April 1, 2011
And how do you do m'lady?
Meet my back yard.  Nice, huh? It's big. Lots of room for the Lil'Brassies to play with their friends. Our two behemoth canine-Brassies run free back there like the sassy, half-crazed beasts  they are.  The Husband likes to go out there, find a quiet corner and just talk to himself; it does him a world of good I think. And I'm not going to lie, I've been known to sit on my patio and sip grapefruit martinis like it's my job. We enjoy it. We're lucky. And grateful.

Too bad it's covered in ten effing inches of SNOW!!

We're northern New Englanders, born and raised.  It's not much of a distinction, except for the fact that we have accepted snow and cold as a part of our lives. Oh, some of us actually did land on Plymouth Rock. And supposedly we're thrifty and hard-working too, but I haven't seen too much evidence to support that. However, we have come to terms with the fact that we don't really have a spring here. We're lucky if it warms up just a skoatch and we get Mud Season. It sucks old, saggy, wrinkled balls.  But we're fine with it...untiiiil we're not fine with it. 

When much of the country starts to see shit like this:

lucky bastards
Okay, maybe that looks a little like a place that Edward and Bella would make sweet, sparkly vampire-love...this is probably more realistic:
still not too damn shabby

New Englanders are looking at one, all, or a combination of these:

It's not quaint, cozy or cute.  More often than not it leads to over-drinking, insanity, and fat asses.

I told you:  NOT. CUTE.

Today we got what's called a Nor'Easter.  While the local weathermen were busy checking their doppler radar and jizzing themselves...
...I was loosing my ability to cope with Mother Nature's bitch-slaps and Old Man Winter's beat-downs:
Bratty Brassy
(not proud, but I'm a truth-teller)

I know that right about now some of you are smirking at your monitors, shaking your heads and saying: Brassy, get your shit together, stop being a brat, and STOW IT! Quit your whining and complaining about industrial-nation-white-bread-not-really-problem problems. Do you know what is going on in the world?!? You better watch yourself guuurl, or I may not read your blog no more.

To that I say: YES! you are absolutely, one-hundred percent correct.  Gold stars to you all. You are right, and I am wrong.  For real.

I also say:

Winter officially sucks now.
And I'm sick of it.

Happy Friday SweetMeats!!

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  1. That just about sums up how I feel too! I'm also starting to look scarily like the picture of that bloated dog. Let's get some sun up in here so I can go for a run in the mud!


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