Monday, March 14, 2011

S-O-S: A shout out to Donn Gunvalson

A little something about yesterday's post got me thinking about
 The Crue of yore.

A long, long time ago...
...before Vince Neil jacked his face up and got preggers...
...before Mick Mars resembled a catfish-sensei*...
...back when Nikki Sixx had more lives than a cat...
...and Tommy Lee was snorting ants and banging Locklear...
...some crazy shit went down, stadiums were rocked, and very wise words were belted out anthem-style:

Stay strong Donn; you're almost there.
PS. I'm thinking the chick in the red tank top at :55 is just what you need post-split.

*Turns out Mick Mars is suffering from a pretty significant degenerative arthritic disease. It's really bad news. He's shrunk 6 inches and that's just the beginning. I assumed it was the drugs and booze and sex and living like a crazed animal for 20's always the quiet ones who party the hardest, isn't it?  Turns out I was wrong. Also, turns out I'm a bit of a shit.  No one pointed his ailment out to me, I discovered it for myself so I guess there's something to be said for that.  I swapped out 176 year-old grandpa tortoise for the slightly less amusing, but much kinder, catfish-sensei...because there's no excuse for this facial hair:
The rest of the boys are still fair game.


  1. A pep talk and a short history of Motley Crue, all in one. Masterful!

  2. It's only a matter of time until Donn gets his own groupies--complete with permed, teased hair and pegged jeans.

    So glad you enjoy, and thank you so much for the encouragement!


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